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Foundations for Effective Instruction

Want to teach, but are unsure how to create and deliver an excellent learning experience? Not sure how to design a syllabus, create assessments, and facilitate a collaborative group of students?

Become an Instructor




  • 3 online courses, each 5 weeks long with weekly deadlines

  • courses can be taken individually and in any order

  • you will spend 5-10 hours per week to complete each course

  • classes provide a foundation for vocational student success via effective research-based instructional techniques

Only 3 Courses!

Total Tuition $750

Learning Styles $250

Study learning theory for adults vs. children, multiple intelligence theory (Gardner), VAK (Markova), and the application of theory for instruction and assessment. Additional subjects include delivering feedback according to student learning styles and recognizing varying models of the perception.

Course Design $250

This course helps instructors create effective syllabi, objectives, assessments, and rubrics. Additional topics include creating value for course content, scaffolding instruction, and creating effective lesson plans.

Creating Optimal Learning Environments $250

In this course students will learn instructional techniques for facilitating interpersonal learning communities and intrapersonal transformational learning experiences. Techniques for developing student motivation, collaborative learning, communicating course expectations, creating effective syllabi, and incorporating universal design for learning will be included.

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