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Learn to be more engaged and present with students and clients by continuing your training. Improve knowledge, ergonomics, and body mechanics as a massage therapist with our extensive courses available. 

Student Courses


Advanced Anatomy $475

This course is for anyone with a working knowledge of anatomy who would like to review the musculoskeletal system from head to toe. Students will review all muscles, bones, origins, insertions, and actions with kinesiology, palpation, and building muscles on Anatomikens with clay. View an Anatomiken Demo here. 50 hours over two weekends, February 17-18th & 24-25th.

Transcendent Massage Therapy $250

In this course practicing massage therapists will develop awareness and introspection skills for identifying client needs using meditation techniques, intuition practices, and hypnotic language to increase rapport and communication. Twenty hours, in person.

Improving Ergonomic Efficiency $150

Develop kin-esthetic intelligence using a variety of introspective techniques. Learn to apply pressure with the whole body. Diagnose inefficiency ergonomics. Develop ergonomic solutions. Ten hours, in class, in person only.

Massage Therapy Research Symposium $250

Learn about recent massage therapy research and about conducting qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research. Study protocols for reporting research. Five weeks online.

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