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Learn to be more engaged and present with students and clients by continuing your training. Improve knowledge, ergonomics, and body mechanics as a massage therapist with our extensive courses available. 

Instructor Courses


Transcendent Learning $200

Students wishing to become more effective instructors will learn advanced learning theory, the chakra theory of learning, techniques for meaningful soul-to-soul communication, being of service, and instructional service learning. Twenty hours, in class or online.

Soul To Soul $250

Open to the public. Using lecture, multi-media, meditation, reflective journaling, and interactive communication activities, this workshop will ask you to explore Soul-to-Soul communication. The course is designed to increase your rapport skills with clients / friends / coworkers / bosses / spouses / and relatives by increasing your awareness of body, mind, and soul. The result of this new ability will deepen your sense of human connection. Expect more rewarding and effective communication. Deepen personal intimate relationships. Engage a new level of respect and regard in professional relationships. Elevate your ability to listen, discuss, be heard, use your intuition, and provide a new level of understanding and in all your relationships.

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